Elder Abuse. See it. Stop it. Prevent it.Adult protective services (APS) are available to assist elder adults and Adults-at-Risk who have been abused, neglected, or exploited.

Adults sometimes live or behave in ways that are unhealthy or unsafe. These behaviors may pose a danger to the individual or to others. The Jackson County Department of Health and Human Services Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) receives calls of concern regarding these vulnerable adults age eighteen years and older. Referrals concerning potential abuse, neglect and or self-neglect of vulnerable adults may be forwarded to the Adult Protective Services unit for further investigation to offer additional protection and services as needed. For adults who are found to lack cognitive capacity and/or may be a danger to themselves or others, Adult Protective Services may offer legal interventions as deemed necessary. These interventions may result in a healthier and safer existence for the individual and other citizens.

  • To make a referral to Adult Protective Services call the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Jackson County at (715) 284-3978 8:00-4:30, Monday-Friday excluding the holidays
  • For an immediate life threatening emergency call 911

Power of Attorney:
Everyone should complete a Power of Attorney for both health care and financial decisions while you are sound of mind. These documents appoint a person who would follow your healthcare wishes when you cannot make decisions for yourself. Completing a Power of Attorney document eliminates the need for a guardian. It is very important to communicate your wishes to the person you appoint in advance. To complete and print a Power of Attorney please click the following link:


Silver Alert:
Silver Alert is a way to notify the public when an older adult is missing. The Silver Alert has been around since 2014. There is no waiting period to file a Silver Alert, the sooner the better. If you are going to file a Silver Alert please have a recent picture of the older adult, a description of their vehicle along with its license plate number, and distinguishing characteristics of the vehicle.

What are the requirements for issuing a Silver Alert?

  • The missing person is 60 or older
  • The missing person is believed to have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another cognitive impairment which may pose a threat to his/her safety
  • You believe the person is missing due to their impaired cognitive condition
  • Request is made within 72 hours of the persons disappearance

Please consider getting an On-Star, GPS, or other locating devise in their vehicle
Make sure the person has a cell phone on them when they leave the house
Attached Document or FileSilver Alert


Jackson County has established an Elder Abuse Interdisciplinary Team (I-Team) that meets quarterly. Member of the I-Team include the following: Adult Protective Services Social Worker, County Board Member, Interfaith Volunteers, Bolton Refuge, Black River Falls Police Department, and more. The purpose of this team is not only to educate members on the team as it relates to elder abuse, but the team will also staff certain cases that need interdisciplinary approach. The goal of the I-Team is to improve each lead elder abuse agency’s response to victims of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. These meeting have proven to be beneficial as members of the team will bring experiences from their positions and backgrounds which can help shed new light on a particular case. If you suspect an elder adult or adult at risk has experienced, is currently experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or financial exploitation, your first step should be to contact the appropriate agency.