The Dementia Care Specialists (DCS) offer support for individuals with dementia, their caregivers, as well as supporting the community.

Support for individuals with dementia comes in many forms, including but not limited to, cognitive screening, helping people to connect with the available opportunities in their community to keep them active and involved, and connecting people with research study opportunities that attempt to further understand the causes and possible treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Support for caregivers provides family and non-family caregivers with memory care connections, assistance with care planning, and connection to support groups and other programs that can help find information and make connections.

Community support comes in the form of assisting in the development of dementia-friendly communities. These communities typically include, memory cafes, dementia-friendly businesses, increased civic awareness of dementia-related issues, and dementia capable emergency response.

Jackson County has formed a Dementia-Friendly Coalition. This coalition will help us to create and implement dementia-friendly programs in such a way that they will have the solid foundation they need in order to succeed and ensure that people living with dementia and their caregivers in Jackson County feel safe and welcome throughout their communities. The coalition already has 9 members and continues to grow as individuals and businesses receive more information about how a dementia-friendly Jackson County might look. Individuals active within their communities and business owners alike are welcome and encouraged to join the coalition!

Interfaith and the Alzheimer’s Association are partners with the ADRC for our Dementia Caregiver Support Group and that it often has between 3-10 participants.  Interfaith helps get the word out by posting info about and information given during on their Facebook page.

For more information on Wisconsin’s statewide initiative to become a Dementia Friendly State, please visit:  Dementia-Friendly Communities

Wisconsin State Dementia Plan:  2019 – 2023