A Memory Café is a safe, comfortable and engaging environment for guests to share their memories and build social connections. It is a place where we can laugh, learn and share experiences with other.

We welcome those with Alzheimer’s disease (or related diagnosis), individuals with mild cognitive impairment, people who are concerned about memory loss, and those interested in staying engaged with others, as well as family members or care partners.

The cafés will feature occasional speakers, educational offerings and special activities along with regular opportunities for socialization and friendship. Program content will vary based on guests interests, needs and concerns.

What a Memory Café is NOT: Formal care service, clinical assessments or personal care services. Is it not suitable for those with dementia to attend alone if they have specific care needs, high levels of anxiety, disorientation/wandering or a history of disruptive/aggressive behavior.

Check out our Calendar of Events to see when the next Memory Café is!