Foot Care:
Practicing good foot care plays a vital role in general health of individuals.

“How to Keep Feet Healthy”

Getting into good habits and routines in relation to foot care will help keep your elderly parent’s feet in great shape, meaning their quality of life as a whole is maintained and even improved.
  • Check Feet Regularly.  At least twice a week and ideally more often make sure you or your parent checks their feet to prevent problems becoming established.  Look for redness, bruises, sores, swelling, cuts, blisters and ingrown or infected toenails.  You could buy a long-handled mirror to help your parent check for themselves if bending poses difficulties.
  • Wash Feet Daily.  Regular washing helps avoid infections and soreness, but make sure the feet aren’t soaking for longer than 10 minutes because this can cause the skin to dry and crack.  When drying feet be sure to pat rather than rub and take care to dry properly between the toes.  Talcum powder is helpful, especially if the feet are prone to sweatiness.
  • Use Appropriate Lotions.  Plenty of creams and moisturizers are available to help keep feet healthy, especially if they are cracked and callused.  Make sure this is properly rubbed in and surplus doesn’t remain.
  • Wear the Right Shoes.  So many foot problems are caused by ill-fitting shoes, especially for women.  Various brands are designed with the elderly in mind, providing comfort, grip and support.
  • Socks Too!  Just like shoes, badly fitting socks can cause problems.  It’s best to avoid socks with elasticated tops as these can be irritating and restrict circulation.  White socks will also make it easier to spot any blood or discharges.

If you are a provider of foot care services please contact the ADRC of Jackson County at: