The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) is the state agency responsible for regulating and licensing facilities providing residential long-term care, mental health and substance abuse services in Wisconsin.  DQA also conducts caregiver background check and investigations.

What types of claims can i submit to DQA?  DQA will provide support in addressing concerns regarding these and other matters filed in reports to their office.

  • Quality of Care
  • Quality of life
    • abuse
    • neglect
    • lack of staffing
    • unsafe conditions
    • poor care
    • mistreatment
    • transfers
    • discharges
    • caregiver misconduct
    • other areas of concern

For reports filed with DQA, the reporter is not disclosed to the provider.  If the reporter would like written notification that the complaint was received by DQA, your information would be requested to provide that information back to the reporter.

To file a complaint: