Navigating Long-Term Care options can be stressful and overwhelming.  The Board on Aging and Long-Term Care (BOALTC) has been serving consumers since 1972.  The program is established in all states under the Older Americans Act.

As outlined in the Older Americans Act, the ombudsman responsibilities include:

  • Identify, investigate and resolve complaints made by, or on behalf of, long-term care consumers;
  • Provide information about long-term care services;
  • Represent the interest of long-term care consumers before governmental agencies and seek administrative, legal and other remedies to protect consumers;
  • Analyze, comment on and recommend changes in laws and regulations pertaining to health, safety, welfare and rights of consumers;
  • Educate and inform long-term care consumers and the general public, regarding issues and concerns related to long-term care, and facilitate public comment on laws, regulations, policies and actions;
  • Provide technical support for the development of resident and family councils to protect the well-being and rights of residents; and
  • Advocate for changes to improve long-term care consumers’ quality of life and care.

For more information on how you can learn about the Ombudsman program, please visit the BOALTC website or call our office:  715.284.3978