World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is on June 15th and is an annual international United Nation’s observation day as a result of United Nations resolution 66/127.

With a growing global population of older adults, and as longevity increases, abuse of older adults is an increasing issue that affects health and human rights and can cause death. It is vital to raise awareness of elder abuse and prevent it whenever and wherever possible. Elder abuse is global and comes in many forms including physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse and also neglect. Older Adults are human and deserve the same dignity and respect as people of all other age groups. Older adults are particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Fear and uncertainty can be major barriers to seeking and getting help. Some older adults are isolated having outlived family and friends, and some are abused in institutions where abuse is not spotted or is covered up. In other cases, older adults are not given priority by authorities in abuse matters. The UN aims to raise awareness of elder abuse and prevent it through the creation of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. This day of recognition allows communities, the press, and media to run events and highlight the danger of elder abuse and what can be done to prevent it and what to do if it is spotted.

Here, in Jackson County, we are working to raise awareness of this issue and we hope our fellow community members will stand with us against elder abuse. See the following photos of some ways in which the Department of Health and Human Services has worked together to raise awareness in our community!