Memory changes or other changes can be scary. Understanding the difference between “normal aging” and “not normal aging” is the first step in sorting out these changes. There are other medical conditions that may mimic the signs and symptoms of dementia and should be considered and treated. It is important to note that Dementia is not a normal part of aging.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is not a specific disease or diagnosis. “Dementia” is an umbrella term that describes trouble with memory, thinking, reasoning, language, planning, and more. There are many types of dementia, but some of the most common include:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Lewy Body Dementia
  • Frontotemporal Dementia

Dementia Care Specialist (DCS)

The Dementia Care Specialist (DCS) can help educate family members, provide support and connect caregivers to services, and problem-solve challenging situations.

The mission of the Dementia Care Specialist Program is to support people with dementia and their caregivers in order to ensure the highest quality of life possible while living at home. In order to accomplish this mission, the DCS has three main goals:

  • Ensure ADRC staff and volunteers are trained and competent about dementia so customers are met with understanding and support
  • Provide education and support to family members and friends who are caregivers
  • Help develop Dementia-Friendly Communities where people with dementia can remain active and safe, and caregivers can feel supported

This is done through phone calls, office visits, and even home visits if necessary.

To connect with the Dementia Care Specialist, call the ADRC at 715-284-3978.

A Memory Screen is three short activities that test how different parts of your brain are functioning. It is not a diagnostic tool, but it is sensitive enough to detect subtle changes in memory and cognition.

We recommend that everyone over the age of 60 get a Memory Screen annually. This is a great way to get a baseline – even if you are not having any concerns!

If you would like, we can fax your results to your doctor as well.

Are you caring for a loved one? Are you experiencing caregiver burnout?

The DCS, in partnership with Interfaith Caregivers of Jackson County and the Alzheimer’s Association, hold a support group for anyone who would like to meet in person with others experiencing the similar concerns.

For additional information, including time and location, please reach out to our Dementia Care Specialist at: 715-284-3978

A Memory Café is a safe, comfortable and engaging environment for guests to share their memories and build social connections. It is a place where we can laugh, learn and share experiences with other.

We welcome those with Alzheimer’s disease (or related diagnosis), individuals with mild cognitive impairment, people who are concerned about memory loss, and those interested in staying engaged with others, as well as family members or care partners.

The cafés will feature occasional speakers, educational offerings and special activities along with regular opportunities for socialization and friendship. Program content will vary based on guests interests, needs and concerns.

For additional information, including time and location, please reach out to our Dementia Care Specialist at: 715-284-3978

Dementia Friendly Community

A dementia-friendly community raises awareness of and develops respect and inclusion for people with dementia, has services and resources embedded in all areas of the community to ensure meaningful access to community and promote quality of life, supports and educates all community members, people with dementia, and their care partners from diagnosis through disease progression.

To raise awareness, educate the community, develop cooperative community partnerships, and engage all in an effort to create a dementia friendly community in Jackson County.

The coalition is made up of community partners who all share the same wish to keep those with dementia or other memory loss active and safe in our community for as long as possible. Meetings are held quarterly and include subcommittees that meet outside the coalition meeting dates.

For additional information or to join the coalition, please reach out to our Dementia Care Specialist at: 715-284-3978 or [email protected]

The information provided in this training outlines what Dementia is, how to recognize it, why being a dementia-friendly business fits into the larger picture of a Dementia Friendly Community and how to better serve a person who may be suffering a symptom associated with the disease.

The training is free, takes approximately one hour to complete, and the trainer comes to you.

After completion of initial training, you will receive a Purple Angle window cling that you may apply to all entrances so that customers can identify the business as a safe and supportive environment.

For additional information or to schedule, please reach out to our Dementia Care Specialist at: 715-284-3978 or [email protected]

Thank you to the Jackson County businesses that have completed the training!

  • Co-op Credit Union
  • Black River Falls Public Library
  • Jackson County ADRC
  • Black River Country Bank
  • The Meditation Station
  • Security Financial Bank
    (BRF & Alma Center Branches)
  • Waumandee State Bank
    (BRF Branch)
  • WWIS Radio
  • Serene Clean
  • Merrillan Café
  • B’s Little Log Cabin

The Dementia LIVE program provides a unique and tangible experience that temporarily and safely immerses participants in the day-to-day challenges of the life of someone living with dementia. This experience can be for family members, healthcare professionals, coworkers, friends, or others who are at a loss when it comes to understanding the complexities of the disease. Depen your understanding and in turn improve your actions of care by participating in this experience.

For additional information or to schedule, please reach out to our Dementia Care Specialist at: 715-284-3978 or [email protected]

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