Wisconsin Medicaid is a program administered by the Department of Health Services. Medicaid provides health care benefits to the elderly (65 or over), or to individuals who are disabled.

To be eligible for Medicaid you must be elderly, disabled or blind.  If you have not been determined disabled by the Social Security Administration, you may apply for Medicaid benefits while you wait for a disability decision

MAPP (Medicaid Purchase Plan) offers people with disabilities who are working or interested in working the opportunity to have health care coverage through the WI Medicaid Program. Depending on an individual’s income, a premium payment may be required for this health care coverage.

Under the MAPP Program, participants receive the same health care benefits offered through the WI Medicaid Program.

BadgerCare Plus is health insurance for families with minor children. BadgerCare Plus provides coverage for all children (birth to age 19) regardless of income, pregnant women, parents and relatives who care for children, farmers and other self-employed parents, and young adults (18 through 20) who are leaving foster care and turn age 18 on or after 1-1-08, regardless of income.

How To Apply:

Online:  http://www.access.wi.gov/

By Mail: Complete the application form. You can get this form online at http://www.dhs.wi.gov/em/customerhelp

By Phone: Call Western Region for Economic Assistance (WREA) at 1-888-627-0430.

Face-to-face appointments are available.